Markus Hofer “Interventi Bolognesi”

An artistic project for public space

Markus Hofer   is artist in residence at Nosadella.due in the months of April and May 2008. A series of Interventi Bolognesi (Interventions in Bologna) contaminate places of the historical centre, offering to the public, and to everybody who’s passing, new possibilities of reading the reality, new approaches to the city’s elements to which it’s accustomed, a new conscience of what is surrounding it. In fact, the micro interventions of Markus Hofer are far away from spectacular metropolitan installations, but they has been created with the attempt to cause a feeling of lost, provoked by a transformation of the function and of the original form of objects, architectonic elements, artificial elements and human traces.

“I place infinite questions about the truth that surrounds me, every day. I need this work to give me some answer” MH.

The whole zone of the historical centre of Bologna, near to the centre of the residence Nosadella.due, has been scattered with objects, extensions and transformations which correspond to the artist’s vision of urban places that he has seen for the first time. Next to the historical buildings of the centre, like Aldrovandi Palace and Accursio Palace, the artist’s Interventions in Bologna are scattered inside of niches and architectonic elements, they catch putties, scratches and decorations, or they are close to civic numbers and traffic pylons, in the attempt to carry the attention on elements that characterize the life of a city, its constructions, but also its choices, its traditions, its codes, whether they are bound to the past or to the present.

The daily image of Bologna and of every object that we experience is updated in order to become story, history that is able to speak about different things than those which we see or to which we are accustomed to think.

In via Galliera near Aldrovandi Palace in Bologna, the citizens and the interested public, will be invited to take part to the project of Markus Hofer called Caught In This World.

In order to realize the sculpture in progress Caught In This World , Markus Hofer will use the aid of the public, asking it to come with the own bicycle fortified by a bike lock, or also only with the bike lock, for being part of an art piece that will be able to come true thanks to who want to take part.

The MAMbo – Museum of Modern Art in Bologna hosted the round table “Perception and Imagination”, with Markus Hofer, the curator Elisa Del Prete, the artist Stefano Romano, the curator Antonella Crippa , the architect Mauro Bellei and the astrophysical Bruno Marano, professor at the Department of Astronomy of the University of Bologna.
Markus Hofer is born in Haslach (Austria) in 1977. He studies first at the University of Artistic and Industrial Design of Linz, then at the School of art and design Berlin-Weissensee and terminates his cycle of studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna. He was assistant to Erwin Wurm.