“100DM” a book by Elisa Del Prete and Tommaso Bonaventura

Tommaso Bonaventura / Elisa Del Prete
“100 DM”

“I have two lives but only one biography,” as Thomas Oberlender would say, the playwright originally from East Germany.
The images and texts gathered in this volume investigate these double lives starting from the hundred marks given as welcome money – the so-called Begrüßungsgeld – by the German Federal Republic to every resident from the East the first time they visited the country: a highly symbolic gift in the memory of everyone born in the GDR.
The photographer Tommaso Bonaventura and the curator Elisa Del Prete explore the complexity and uniqueness of the transformation that took place with the disappearance of this country through a choral tale, in which history is closely intertwined with the lives of individuals.

Designed by Lupo Burtscher Studio / published by Silvana Editoriale